Who We Are

About Us

We started Mindful Warriors as a passion project.


After experiencing the transformative benefits of yoga and mindfulness ourselves - from improved physical and mental health to over all wellbeing - we wished we had found yoga earlier in our lives as children.  


Stevan, Lead Teacher and Co-founder of Mindful Warriors would often meet people who have come to Yoga to address a particular concern related to the mind or body. From these encounters an understanding was born that if people had these great tools from an early age, they could maintain their own optimal balance throughout their lives and be empowered by yoga techniques to look after their physical and mental health. In this way Yoga can be a preventative practice for maintaining mind and body harmony. 


It is our goal to share the highest quality Yoga classes available to school children across the country at the most affordable cost possible. We believe in making a difference to the world by empowering young people to feel good and lead their most balanced lives.


Meet The Team

Committed To The Cause

Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our skilled team of professionals are the backbone of Mindful Warriors. Their ideas help shape the direction of our project as it continues to develop and grow. Read on to learn more about some of our incredible team members.


Durgha Ramji

Director of Development and Co-Founder

Durgha is a world traveller and passionate about connecting continents through education, enterprise and employability focused initiatives. Her journey has taken her to India, China, Sri Lanka, The Gambia, Israel and the Palestinian Territories working with young people, communities, schools, universities and businesses. Now back home in the UK she is working with International students at De Montfort University. She loves the sense of calm and peace that yoga brings to her life. She is a born networker and connector and enjoys understanding the world through the perspectives of the people she meets.

Twitter @DurghaRamji

Stevan Gill

Lead Teacher and Co-Founder

Stevan is the Yoga master of the team. He learned yoga from some of world's most reputable teachers in the UK, Mysore and Rishikesh. He currently teaches Yoga in the Midlands and is passionate about helping people to improve their lives through Yoga. Stevan practiced martial arts for many years and has extensive insight into anatomy, dealing with injuries and practicing yoga safely to match every students individual needs. Stevan has undertaken Trauma Informed Yoga Training with the Prison Yoga Project.  He also loves dark chocolate biscuits and espresso coffee. To find out more about Stevan please visit: Live To Yoga