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About Us

Mindful Warriors School Programs

Mindful Warriors believes all school children will benefit from practicing Yoga. Our mission is to make well designed Yoga Programs available to every student in every school. We have worked hard to create a sustainable and continuous Yoga program for the whole academic year and have seen great results from pilot programs. We believe amazing benefits to the mind and body can be realized through a consistent and good quality Yoga practice. We also aim to empower students and teachers with techniques to encourage them to maintain their practice even when we are not around. A friendly member of our team will always be available for follow up visits and offer ongoing support and guidance. We believe in building long lasting relationships with schools and communities and offer individually designed packages to match the unique requirements of each school and child such as after school and summer holiday Yoga workshops.

Contribute To Making A Difference

Like what we do? You can also make a change today! If you would like to help us bring Yoga to schools, inquire about our  "Sponsor a School" campaign. We truly appreciate your support and kindness.

Become Certified

To Teach Yoga

A four week yoga and mindfulness training programme for educational practitioners at all levels.


Particularly relevant for Schools who would like to promote a continuous mental health and wellbeing provision for their students.


The course will focus on the three key areas of yoga including posture, mindfulness and breathing.


By the end of the course you will be certified to deliver the Mindful Warriors yoga sequence to your students. 

Through our Mindful Warriors Yoga Sequence we have the potential to make a real and positive change to the life of every pupil.


We believe our program will positively impact their interaction with society as well as immediately increase concentration, confidence and overall well being.


The three main pillars of our yoga sequence are Breathing, Mindfulness and Movement. As we bring together all three pillars in one fluid 45 minute sequence, we learn to breathe as one, still our minds and move with calmness.


We encourage students to apply what they have practiced to their lives both at school and at home.

Yoga In Schools

Yoga In The Workplace 

Being a social enterprise is key to our core values and beliefs. Our aim of providing yoga programs to all schools regardless of financial status is what drives us.


It is here where we hope the public and private sector can contribute to our aim whilst simultaneously benefiting from professionally taught and custom built yoga and mindfulness programs.


Reap the benefits of yoga while knowing that at the same time you are helping schools within your community. Our workplace packages can be 100% customised to the unique needs of every organisation. Whether your focus is on team building, reducing stress, relaxation or recovering from injuries- we have something for you.