Words from our Warriors


Student feedback from our programme at Brooke Weston Academy in Corby 

"Relaxing, cleared my mind and I didn't think much during the lessons"


"I was pleasantly surprised by the lessons, I was able to relax and enjoy the time, I learnt new things and how improve on others, I really enjoyed the overall experience"


"It helped me to calm down and also helped me to get to sleep at night if I did the sun salutations and breathing techniques"


"It was calming and allowed me to learn new skills"


"I liked the intensity and that it was different from other sports offered at school"


"Really enjoyed the session, would do yoga again"


"I liked how it was something new, something challenging"


"I would love to do yoga again, and I feel it has really become an enjoyable experience in my weekly routine"


"It relaxed me and calmed me down during mock exam week"


"I found it peaceful and relaxing"


Sarah Malson - Parent and Secondary School Teacher

"I have been practising yoga for a few years and am clear about both the physical and mental benefits it has made to me. So when Stevan proposed yoga in schools I was keen to get involved because as a teacher, I see many pupils who for various reasons struggle to focus in class.

Stevan is a calm and clear instructor. He creates a positive environment where everyone feels valued and important. He is easy to listen to and encourages every one in his classes to be at ease and enjoy the sessions.
My daughter’s trampolining club trialed the Mindful Warriors program. It was enthusiastically received by the children and coaches. The children ranged in age from 7-17. Everyone was able to see improvements to their physical abilities after the four weeks of sessions.

I am very willing to wholeheartedly recommend both Stevan and the Mindful Warriors program for the benefits it brings to all those who participate"

Kieran Grundy- Market Harborough Trampoline Academy Head Coach

"I thought the class was very very good, In terms of visualisation and relaxation, and teaching the children how to stretch, and to not overstretch but progressively stretching over periods of time, which I think certainly with the boys was definitely something new, and maybe they hadn’t tried before but would benefit them in terms of their flexibility for trampolining in the future.
I think it’s good for schools in terms of dealing with stress in the classroom and just being able to calm down in certain situations, which is good for certain students with anger management issues, but it’s useful for any student that suffers with anxiety, and being able to moderate themselves in terms of their feelings.

As far as taking up Yoga, I try and do a little bit myself anyway, I think it’s really good but you can’t beat it when you’ve got an instructor coming in and delivering a class. Stevan was very good and knows his stuff, the way that he delivers it and explains it, you can only get that with lots of experience, which he’s definitely got and I rate him as a very good teacher".

Marianna Ruiz- Hamilton School Teacher

"As a teacher it was such an amazing experience to see children who are often challenging to engage, focus all of their attention on breathing all together as a group or finding a pose. These little moments of focus, stillness and presence were very special to experience and are the kinds of moments I hope and know we will continue to come back to in the classroom."


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