Siblings day honours the bonds between brothers, sisters and close relatives, those people who have helped shape our values, beliefs and been witnesses to the experiences throughout our life.



They may occasionally be annoying but it's difficult to imagine life without them.


Not celebrated on the same scale as other occasions actually means this day keeps the true nature in which it was created, to celebrate the love of a sibling. Not overshadowed with huge gestures of gift giving, instead this day is marked with true simplicity, through the giving of hugs, having a simple meal together, making that long journey just to see one another and being in each other’s presence, a day to sit around reflecting and reminiscing on childhood shenanigans.


For me this day also allows us to practice gratitude, an opportunity to be grateful for those that brighten and bless our lives, but don’t just stop with siblings, be grateful for every blessed thing in your life, adopt the daily habit of gratitude and you will come to the realisation that you live a life of abundance, that your cup indeed ‘doth runeth over’.


This day is also an opportunity to practice forgiveness, to put aside any differences or misunderstandings and start afresh, to reconnect those lost connections.


So enjoy, dance, sing, say you love them and make new fun memories to laugh over next year.


Stevan Gill


Lead Teacher


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