Be Certified to deliver Yoga and Mindfulness in your School

At Mindful Warriors we believe all school children will benefit from practicing Yoga and Mindfulness. Our mission is to make well designed sustainable Yoga Programmes available to every student in every school.



In our first year Mindful Warriors worked with 8 schools and youth organisations. Through our engagement with the teachers and students as well as the feedback we have received we are now proud to launch a four week yoga and mindfulness training programme for educational practitioners at all levels which has been certified by the CPD Certification Service.  


Who is the programme for?


The training is particularly relevant for School Teachers who would like to promote a continuous mental health and wellbeing provision for their students.


The course is also open to individuals working in an educational context - whether primary, secondary, further or higher education in the following roles: School Teacher, Lecturer, Health and Wellbeing Officer, Youth Worker, Mental Health First Aider, Occupational Health Officer, Yoga Teachers. If you are not sure if the course is relevant to you please do write to us here.


What will I learn?


The course will focus on three key areas of yoga including posture, mindfulness and breathing. You will understand the context and need for wellbeing provision in school, develop a good understanding of the benefits of practising yoga and learn to deliver the Mindful Warriors Yoga Sequence for Schools as well as a focus on teaching safely.


Where will the programme take place?


The programme will take place at your educational institution or community organisation. A qualified teacher will deliver a four week yoga and mindfulness programme at your school delivering four full day sessions over a four week period.


Through observation, training and one to one sessions offered by our teacher you will work through the learning objectives and prepare for the assessment day  

How will I be assessed?


You will assessed through a two part assessment process - a written test and a practical assessment on the final day of the programme or within 3 months of undertaking the four week programme


If you have any further questions we would love to hear from you. Please write to us here.





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