Celebrating Existence - A Year of Being Mindful Warriors!


Firstly and most importantly, Stevan and I would like to share a heartfelt appreciation and a huge thank you to everyone we have worked with over the past year and to everyone who has been a part of our journey!


  • To our super star teachers - thank you for supporting us to bring yoga to your school.

  • To the lovely children we have engaged with - thank you for your laughter, smiles and fearless participation.

  • To serendipity -  Thank you for bringing individuals into our lives who have helped Mindful Warriors take great strides forward.  


It’s been a challenging yet amazing year and we wanted to share it with you!


September 2017 - It all starts with a connection!


Stevan has an idea. Durgha helps bring it to life - suddenly we are the Co-Founders of Mindful Warriors


We began with a DMU Square Mile Funding application. Unfortunately we didn’t get the funding but in the process we received great feedback, cemented our friendship and used this as a catalyst to keep going!


October 2017 - Developing our programmes for schools and businesses


Stevan develops the Mindful Warriors 4 week sequence for schools which incorporates the three pillars of breathing, mindfulness and movement.


November 2017 - Getting creative


We design our logo and brand with the help of a few designer friends. The triangle and the image within represents a mountain as well as the goal of making yoga accessible to all. The three sides of the triangle represents the three pillars of our practice of breathing, movement and mindfulness. It also represents the journey to becoming the best version of yourself. And a reminder to enjoy the journey to your destination with everyone who is a part of it!



December 2017 - Our first programme!


Our first programme with Market Harborough Trampoline Club - you can imagine our excitement! What a wonderful experience to test our idea and bring it to reality!  


January 2018 - Reflection and planning in the New Year


We reflect on the challenges we have faced and the lessons learnt so far. We identify goals and aim to work with a growth mindset. We are ready to continue our adventure of bringing yoga and mindfulness to schools and businesses.   


We deliver our second programme with the wonderful students at Brooke Weston Academy as part of Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week.




We love their colourful feedback forms - read what they have to say about Mindful Warriors!


February 2018 - We’re on the radio and we deliver our second programme :)


Stevan shares our journey in an interview on BBC Radio Leicester and our goal to support schools offer yoga and mindfulness to promote the physical and mental wellbeing of their students and teachers.


March 2018 - Teachers are welcome too!


At Washwood Heath we offer a yoga and mindfulness session especially for teachers. Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm!


April 2018 - Yoga as a tool to de-stress, relax and focus ahead of exams.


School exams are fast approaching and we work with Year 11 at Beauchamp College to help students explore how breathing, yoga and mindfulness can be used as tools to de-stress, relax and focus.



May 2018 - Discovering a social enterprise community at Teach First


We attend the Teach First Innovation Booster in London and discover an inspirational community of social entrepreneurs working across the education sector to ensure young people achieve their potential.


 June 2018 - Selfridges and Corporate Funding


We celebrate the International Day of Yoga with the children and teachers of Hamilton School during our first 4 week sponsored programme. Hamilton School is a Special School where all children have a Special Educational Need.  


Stevan creates an adapted version of the sequence to ensure inclusivity for children with special educational needs. We believe children of all abilities can get involved and practise yoga. We were impressed with their dedication, enthusiasm and progress made each week!


And Stevan makes it on to the School Board as yoga teacher - now it’s official :-)


We also deliver our first corporate programme with the wonderful staff at Selfridges in the Bullring.



July 2018 - Finding our Tribe


It’s time for a yoga retreat! We fly to Morocco and Durgha delivers a workshop with the lovely participants. Thank you to all the wonderful school teachers, educators, business professionals and yoga teachers aka yogis for participating in our workshop and sharing your brilliant ideas, networks and connections to support our work!



August 2018 - Exploring Community Partnerships


During the summer we explore partnerships with a number of local organisations working in education, health and wellbeing. Healthy schools network, St Matthews Big Local, Leicester City Football Club, Leicester City Council, Eco-Schools, Forward Thinking Birmingham, The Urban Equestrian Academy to name a few! There is so much great work happening to promote mental health and wellbeing!


September 2018 - Celebrating a year of Mindful Warriors :-)


Stevan participates in the Prison Yoga Project to explore how we can increase the reach and impact of our work with Young Offenders.


And a year has zoomed by. We’ve learnt so much and it’s only the beginning! Each step we have taken over the past year has only strengthened our resolve and determination to continue in our journey to create something truly magical.


We are only interested in making an impact and making long lasting relationships with everyone we work with.


If you’d like to support our journey to bring yoga to schools or your workplace please get in touch - we can’t do it without you :-)




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