Celebrate Pride. Practice Yoga and Acceptance

August 29, 2018

Namaste - I see the light of many colors in you :)


When you see and respect the light in yourself and see the same light in others nothing else matters.  


Ahead of Leicester’s Pride Festival we took a moment to reflect on how yoga promotes deep acceptance of oneself and others and is synonymous with the values of the Pride celebrations.


Striving to become aware of the authentic self and accepting the authentic self of others is a core pillar of yoga. Being able to accept where you currently are whether physically, mentally or emotionally is the starting point to your own growth and development to achieve whatever you want.


On the yoga mat it maybe accepting that today you can’t touch your toes but by deepening your practise you will be able to in the near future.


Off the yoga mat it maybe making space to become more and more confident in your own self and to openly celebrate who you are and express yourself.   


In class we often greet each other with the sanskrit salutation ‘Namaste’ which literally translates as ‘the light within me salutes the light in you.’ It recognises that through our diversity - whether it be ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual identity - we all are human and connected.


Similarly the practise of yoga does not see colour, gender or sexual identity. The practise of yoga is at its heart an appreciation and acceptance of your true self and that of others.    


We feel this acceptance is synonymous with the city we call home Leicester, as well as the practise of Yoga.


Team Mindful Warriors will be joining the Leicester Pride celebrations in Victoria Park, Leicester on the 1st September right after a yoga class at the Phoenix Cinema at 10.30am. We hope you’ll join us and the Leicester Pride celebrations too!  


Durgha Ramji


Co-founder of Mindful Warriors



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