Here at Mindful Warriors, we are driven by a single goal, to do our part in making the world a better place by introducing Yoga and Mindfulness to businesses and communities across the world.


We believe that conscious breathing, mindfulness techniques and moving in non-competitive ways can go a long way in creating balance, ease and improving the quality of life for everyone.


We operate as a social enterprise, drawing funds from our work with businesses and directing them to bring our yoga programs to schools and less privileged communities at very affordable costs.


Mindful Warriors is a small team of dedicated professionals, we intentionally keep our operational overheads low to channel maximum funds into our School Programs.

Yoga In The Workplace 

Being a social enterprise is key to our core values and beliefs. Our aim of providing yoga programs to all schools regardless of financial status is what drives us.


It is here where we hope the public and private sector can contribute to our aim whilst simultaneously benefiting from professionally taught and custom built yoga and mindfulness programs.


Reap the benefits of yoga while knowing that at the same time you are helping schools within your community. Our workplace packages can be 100% customised to the unique needs of every organisation. Whether your focus is on team building, reducing stress, relaxation or recovering from injuries - we have something for you.

Contribute To Making A Difference

Like what we do? You can also make a change today!

If you would like to help us bring Yoga to more schools,

enquire about our "Sponsor a School" campaign.

We truly appreciate your support and kindness.





Corporate Yoga Class