What should students expect?


The yoga instructor will introduce learning outcomes and expectations in the first session. All we ask is that teachers and students approach the program with an open mind and give 100%.


What does the school need to provide?


An ideal environment to practice would be a clean and quiet room which is at room temperature. Not too warm and certainly not too cold.


What should students wear?


Comfortable clothing ideally, we will be sitting and lying on the floor, students can wear what they would normally wear for P.E. A t-shirt and jogging bottoms is perfect. We practice yoga with bare feet so trainers or footwear are not required.


Does a teacher have to supervise all sessions?


We expect a teacher to supervise all sessions to support the yoga teacher manage the students in terms of behavior and encouraging participation. Teacher(s) who have been nominated to learn the sequence should be present so they can observe the yoga instructor.


It is certain that most children will have very pleasant experiences but it is also possible that some children could experience an emotional release during or after this type of session, so a teacher should be at hand to support the student, probably away from other children.